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Thank you for visiting. I’m Steve Hall, Owner of S.E. Hall Furniture and Design. I have been a woodworker for over 16 years but my journey to the craft started long before I actually started working with wood. Whether I was exploring the woods as a child, studying Environmental Science, working as a Therapeutic Wilderness Guide, or taking extensive backpacking trips, I have always felt a deep connection to nature. That love of the outdoors combined with an interest in working with my hands (which my grandfather’s work as a welder helped to cultivate) led me to explore woodworking.


I began by working in a small cabinet shop in Portland, and quickly found that it was a natural fit. I enjoyed that it allowed me to work creatively with my hands and also incorporated my problem-solving and analytical skills. In contrast to my previous work in therapeutics, I found it especially rewarding to create a finished product. To further define my craft, I attended the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. There, I developed a greater sense of my aesthetic, and gathered an appreciation for the usage of hand tools, which continues to inform how I design and build. Since then, I have attended other courses and trained with other furniture makers to continue to improve my skill set.

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My education, combined with a variety of experience working in different shops, provided me the knowledge and skills to move forward in building my own company. Having S.E. Hall Furniture & Design affords me the opportunity to dedicate myself to projects and capitalize on my skills and passions. I work with my clients to meet their design needs while also taking into account the unique nature of working with wood.


In addition to being able to spend my days in my shop with my dogs as companions, the work also provides the benefit of continuous learning; each project allows me to grow as a maker. 

The Shop

Located in an 1857 Schoolhouse just off Route 1 in Wells, Maine, the 1800 sq. ft. shop is divided between the working wood shop and a retail space. From the showroom space 8' tall glass French doors provide an ample view into the workshop giving you an immediate sense of who I am and how I work. Hours for the showroom are by appointment or chance; please be in touch if you plan to visit to be sure I'm around!  

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I believe in treading lightly. My work style and lifestyle create very little waste, and what waste I do have is disposed of properly and carefully. My production practices allow me to utilize almost every scrap from builds. What remains I use as kindling for the shop's wood stove or donate, in regards to sawdust, to a local chicken farmer who uses it for bedding. My approach is thoughtful and I take seriously my responsibility to take care of the land, the woods and the world we live in. Want more updates on my business? Check out my Instagram feed where I post consistently, providing a more personal insight into my work. 

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